Wide stylistic choices let the wearer give a personalizing -yet harmonizing- final touch to the image he creates from any or all of the PICASO collections. Shirts of the finest fabrics range from traditional patterns to trendy creations.

Complementary ties, in classical shapes and sophisticated patterns are constructed in precious fabrics with fine silk and cotton inlays and hand-sewn linings.





SHIRTS: broad, ample collars and the correct fit are our top priority. When it comes to design, stripes emphasize the crispness of the fabric. White takes center stage. The sportier shirts boast warm colors and lightweight fabrics; our overshirts are not meant to be tucked in. Velvets worn with chenilles, flannels and specially-treated cottons.

NECKWEAR: Italian style and research. Cotton and silk Mogador with inlaid stitching. Tone-on-tone colors, shiny and geometric micro-designs that play with shiny-opaque contrasts. Cross-hatch weaves and borders with metallic finishings. Gauze and cashmere for an infinite possibility of choices.



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