In harmony with the classic Picaso line, this collection strives to satisfy the search for high quality in the youthful, young thinking, and dynamic end of the market.

It is designed for those who love the tailored cut, but also want their personal look to acknowledge leading trends.

Picaso Proposal
Color and personality. Soft fabrics and lines. Cuts have a touch of the trendy and trance a man’s silhouette. The look is decisively dynamic. Tight trousers without cuffs, an emphasized waist and shoulders cut close to the body’s natural lines. Satin shines in fabrics.

Deconstructed jackets are warm and made from chunky yarns: velvets, boiled wool, alpaca flannels, chenille mixed with cotton and wool. Colors are complementary: camel and mahogany with splashes of brick - and even lobster.



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